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Your partner in building solid operations within education

 The challenge of striking the right balance when developing operational improvements within the sphere of education is critical. It can be difficult to navigate the objective of operational efficiency, balance new risks and manage the governance requirements with what’s needed for inspirational and empowering teaching and learning.


At THG Advisory, we understand these intricacies , and  partner with you to improve and build operational excellence across your school.

How we help in Educaton
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Enabling student happiness and achievement


The specialty field of education has particular opportunities when managing operational challenges.



As your school improvement partner, we help your school overcome obstacles to success, giving you the tools for teachers, students, and parents, to empower student happiness and achievement. We understand local educational regulations, governance and operations, and what procedures and processes you need in place to achieve progress and accreditation.

Whether it’s a new school opening up or existing institution working on improvements, we help support your team to deliver results. 


Let's work together to improve your organization, while bringing together the core benefits all stakeholders require.



Change Assessment


Change Strategy Plan


 Program Implementation


 Monitor & Measurement


Change within Operations & Maintenance (O&M) is one of the hardest things to execute, especially within schools. However, continuous upgrades to processes and controls can bring about enormous savings in energy costs, deliver important safety improvements, and contribute to your school’s green initiatives.


At THG Advisory, we help you identify and resolve O&M issues relevant to your organization, conducting operational audits of business support functions including: transportation, facilities maintenance, procurement, parent relations (customer service), safety protocols and health services.


We partner with you to implement efficiency programs for success, while keeping staff focused on what’s important. 

Change is the end result of learning

O&M in Education
People Effectiveness in Education
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Empowering your teams, empowering their students

Using people analytics practices while focusing on core people oriented principles, THG Advisory partners with your HR department to understand and improve collaboration networks across the school, and reduce inefficiency.  We make sure your teachers and support staff have more time to be with students and manage student activities.

​We partner to identify and resolve the core issues, with effective staff solutions such as: annual review processes, clear salary structures and job descriptions, salary and benefits surveys, performance evaluation systems, transparent organizational and operational structures, and empowering career coaching programs.


At THG Advisory, we steer the people change and management issues in the right direction, to enable your team and your students.


Bring it all together

With proper analytics and support in place, your departments can develop deep insights on KPIs for managing your school effectively, allowing your leadership team to stay focused on supporting teachers.


We at THG Advisory analyze your processes, break down procedures and tweak old ways, developing new approaches where needed. We ensure your teams are responding correctly and proactively to regulation changes and evolving customer expectations, through a deep understanding of the risks, compliance and regulatory changes that affect the running of your school.  Rest assured that your students are always at the heart of our recommendations.

Process Improvement in Education
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Business Processes













Develop and implement recognizable, quality standards

School accreditation is vital for showcasing the quality of your organization to families and governments. New schools have a finite amount of time to apply and prepare for accreditation audits. We at THG Advisory know that planning for inspections, alongside generating enrolments, and getting the school up and running, is a daunting but necessary task. Established schools have a huge body of students and parents to manage, and also have to prepare for regular accreditation renewals.


We work with your school to understand the core audit requirements of the accreditation scope, and assess where you are in the process, allowing us to bridge the gap and focus on what needs to be completed and what needs to be adjusted.

We have years of experience in the IB, CIS and KHDA process, and can also help with NEASC and ISS requirements. We are here to provide guidance and support in achieving the required standards, whether it’s for the first time or ‘here we go again’ time.

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