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Charlene, Partner at Plutas

As our company has been undergoing great change, Audrey has acted as a trusted strategic advisor. She has helped advise on our growth direction, and provided guidance in our structure. Her creative thinking and collaborative nature helped us develop great executionable strategies for the business, and her inate ability to manage risk, has helped us foresee and mange business risks. 


Shabnum, CEO of PS Bars Management

I have engaged with Audrey, through The Hametner Group as support in operations strategy and finance for the past few months on a number if projects. I am impressed by her high level of commitment and professionalism, as well as with her strategic focus. She has an uncanny ability to dissect the mess, find the key issues and help focus efforts and strategy, providing clarity and improving productivity. Her financial analysis and performance modelling have proven invaluable. We have built a partnership that will continue


Akemi Hoshi, Founder of Akemi Hoshi Photographer

I have been working with Audrey on strategic support in scaling my business, and setting up the right structure for future growth opportunities. Her insight into risk and guidance in planning has been invaluable.

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