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Operations, Risk & Governance Excellence

Whether your focus is on discovering efficiencies, optimising your business operations, or increasing collaboration, THG Advisory partners with your organization to implement change, manage performance and deliver results. We do this through a complete review and analysis of operations, an in-depth understanding of your risk, and implementing solid governance to secure your long-term viability and profitability.

Our specializations are:


People Effectiveness
Process Improvement


Increase efficiencies and decrease costs across your business

Businesses, divisions, and departments are interconnected, and the impact of each can be a key driver to another. THG Advisory helps to create a clearer understanding of the synergies, breaking down processes and procedures to optimize current methods and add new approaches, ensuring your team can perform at optimal efficiency.  Now more than ever, lean and robust structures will protect the future of your company.

Using solid Six Sigma principles, measurement tools, and improvement monitoring, we help our organizations gain a deeper understanding of internal areas for improvement and provide solid tools to stay on top of issues before they happen. We back this up with strong governance ( the"G" of ESG) to make sure that everyone is informed and responsible to keep improvement working. 

In our current environment of swift process change, the difference between those that survive and businesses that fail is resilience in processes management. 


Empower your teams to perform

Using international analytics practices while focusing on core people-oriented principles, THG Advisory partners with you to steer performance in the right direction.  With the increase of remote working environments and global team structures, getting it right is even more crucial to your business success.

At THG ADvisory we work with organizations to implement improvements that work for them in relation to the people sides of ESG. The Social or "S" has us working on finding workable solutions around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB). With the Governance "G" we develop the strategies, structures, and training that create transparency and institutionalizes the right expectations and culture that the organization stands for.


Through training your HR teams in the right analytical practices to identify effective workflows and support management on personnel management opportunities, we support your talent development and enable your HR to get the best of your teams.


Stay ahead of the curve

Executing and communicating change is crucial across organizations. However, many companies struggle to bring their vision seamlessly into reality. Change and transformation projects fail, through non-adoption and a lack of focus. Managers can be cautious of the effects of change on how they achieve success on the ground. At THG Advisory, we ensure the transition is easier and makes sense for everyone.


We partner with you to identify the issues relevant to your organization and devise programs to achieve success, supported by strong communication and clear training plans. Having the right governance structure in place to ensure everyone knows and understands their impact and involvement in the new structure and how to drive the chance forward, adoption is stronger and the strategy behind the change is shared across the organization.

Chess Pieces












Monitor & Measurement

Change Management
Team Meeting

Business Process & Digitization

Assessment & Management

Reporting & Management

Governance &


Business Integration


Bring everyone onto the same page

Expanding the business either organically or through an acquisition is exciting and carries many opportunities. For your team, opening a new department or launching a new product within the framework of your existing organization can feel like a daunting task, especially when core business needs to continue on as usual. Developing the right approach and implementing solid tools to support your initiative using robust governance structures can help you stay the course, while retaining your company values.

Meeting Between Colleagues

Understand changes to business environment and adjust strategy



Identify & develop new revenue opportunities





Address process issues and increase employee engagement



review capability structures to identify unappreciated opportunities

Performance Management


Stay relevant

Businesses divisions and departments are interconnected, and the impact of each can be a key driver to another. THG Advisory helps to create a clearer understanding of the synergies and untapped opportunities that can increase efficiencies and ultimately decrease costs across the business.

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