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  • Audrey Hametner

Now is the time to Lead through the crisis

For many leaders in SMEs listening to one's gut can be hard, especially in a crisis. Now that the world is slowly reopening, and we are all looking at 'what next', the discussions need to go deeper than following the old way of doing business.

For many leaders in companies listening to one's gut can be hard, especially in a crisis. “At a time of great uncertainty, gut check your decisions against your values as a leader and as an organization..." I read these lines lately and it really resonated. There is so much knowledge out there and a myriad of valid opportunities available to choose from. You may have questions coming at you from a number of places; the board, stakeholders, shareholders, employees, those who you trust and valid points from those opinions you have never considered before.

I work with SMEs, helping them to pivot their operational strategies and procedures, to embed a stronger governance and manage risk triggers and planned operations & people risk assessments. It has become clear to me that after all is taken into consideration, the gut has had to play a much larger role in the end.

Business leaders are beginning to take stock and realize that now, with COVID, things have slowed down, and there is time... within the eye of the storm we have found a quiet place...time to review processes, time to eliminate waste (time wasting activities and money waste concerns), time to create leaner and stronger balance sheets for the companies and individual roles within, so employees and the company can benefit mutually. It is apparent that in the COVID times companies must create “smarter” organizations and identify how #ESG can be a real part of the equation.

Now is the time to implement more sustainable practices, implement governance that makes sense and focus on solid business considerations that current and future shareholders, and all stakeholders to benefit from.

For some of our clients, this change was not on their minds at the start of COVID, they were focused solely on survival. They had focused on the battle that the soldiers were fighting on behalf of the company. Leadership is about looking ahead as well as fighting to survive, and sometimes simultaneously. Take a good look at your business and ask yourself, are we going in the right direction? What will we look like once COVID is over? Will we have held our company values strong? Governance structures sound like a big company concern, but it is a business consideration that keeps every company strong, whatever the size, and keeps everyone accountable.

It is important to listen to your gut, as well as the troops, the board, and your customers. To learn more about how THG Advisory can help you during this time, book a consultation to build that plan together.

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